Vermicucoute wall

Vermicucote – Highly Attractive Decorative Wall Coating

V-Core is proud to announce the launch of Vermicucote, a highly attractive, Vermiculite based decorative coating for internal walls. Vermicucote is 100% environmentally friendly, gives a natural and warm feel to the room, is easy to apply, and comes in the colour of your choice. The application system has been professionally developed in collaboration with […]
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V-Board F The Vermiculite Board for the Fire Place Industry

V-Core is pleased to announce the availability of the specialized V-Board F range for Fire Place and Boiler Manufacturers and Wholesalers. It is specifically formulated to withstand harsh heat conditions over long operating hours. The V-Board F range easily deals with service temperatures of up to 1100 degrees Celsius. The V-Board F range is available […]
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