Fireproofing & Insulating.

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V-Core offers its long lasting, environmentally friendly, non-combustible, high quality boards

Main uses are fire protection for fire doors and pre-fabricated housing structures as well as the insulation of any industrial heat sources which do not require a service temperature higher than 900 degrees Celsius.
Fire Doors, Pre-Fabricated Housing, Refractory Industry, Industrial and Mining Ducting.

V-Boards are classified according to SANS 10400-A as non-combustible.

Our V-Board range is the perfect Vermiculite based product for a wide range of fireproofing and insulation applications. It comes in the popular standard size of 2100mm x 900mm and 4 standard densities (450, 500, 550, 600 kg/m3).
V-Core offers its long-lasting, environmentally friendly, non-combustible, high-quality boards
In a wide range of thicknesses/densities
With rapid response/turn-around times
Flexible order sizes
With the highest service quality
Easy to process with wood cutting tools.
With limited dust creation.

Key variants of the V-Board product family.

The variants depicted in bold are fast movers and usually available in stock.
Product FamilyDensity +/- kg/m3Size in mmThicknessStock Item+/- Weight
V-Board 450 / 25
V-Board AM 475 / 384752040x800mm38mmYes30.0
V-Board 500 / 205002100x900mm20mmYes19.0
V-Board 500 / 385002100x900mm38mmYes36.0
V-Board 550 / 405502100x900mm40mmYes41.5
V-Board 600 / 156002100x900mm15mmYes17.0
V-Board 400 / 304002100x900mm30mmNo22.5
V-Board 400 / 38
V-Board 600 / 206002100x900mm20mmNo22.5
V-Board 600 / 306002100x900mm30mmNo28.5

Rectangular Sizes

For ease of handling and installation, full boards can be cut in half at no extra costs. We also offer cutting to special rectangular sizes at a fee.

For required operating temperatures higher than 900 °C, bespoke products can be made available on request. Minimum order quantities also apply for special densities.

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