The Ideal Adhesive For Vermiculite Boards.

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Ideal product for bonding Vermiculite boards or any porous materials

The ideal adhesive for Vermiculite boards.
V-Bond is a non-combustable strong glue.
V-Bond is the ideal product for bonding Vermiculite boards or any porous materials with each other. V-Bond also works very well against steel or walls.

V-Bond Benefits | Ten reasons to buy

1. Based on micronized Vermiculite.
2. Environmentally friendly and natural.
3. High temperature resistance / non-combustible.
4. Strong adhesive to bond porous materials to each other or to non-porous materials (e.g. metals, glass, boards).
5. Viscosity adjustable to client needs.
6. Water resistant after curing.
7. Can be used as a filler that can be sanded.
8. Easy to mix / unlimited shelf life due to two components packaging.
9. Easy to apply to any surface.
10.Proudly South African.
V-Core will soon expand its range of Fireproof Glues.
Fire Retardant Bonding and Jointing Adhesive

V-Bond User Instructions

Empty sachet containing liquid into bucket. 
Add approximately 200ml of water. 
Mix contents with suitable tool (paint mixer recommended). 
If lower viscosity is desired add more water during mixing. 
Apply glue by hand using a spatula, tile adhesive spreader or block brush.
Apply a minimum thickness of 1mm and press for 2-3 hours. 
Clean all tools with water.  Remove excess glue with scraper or damp cloth. 
Use all product within 24 hours of mixing. 
Seal lid after use.  Setting time is 2-3 hours and curing time is 24 hours.
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Health and Safety Precautions

Wear plastic or rubber gloves and safety googles. If contact with skin or eyes, rinse with plenty of water.
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