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V-Core offers its customers a reliable source for fire protection and insulation solutions.

“V-Core is your African Specialist in Vermiculite Products! Our core purpose is to beneficiate the specialty mineral Vermiculite at source and to substantially contribute to the economic and social development of South Africa.

We are at present the sole African producer of highest standard Vermiculite boards. We manufacture high quality exfoliated Vermiculite for horticulture, agriculture and packaging clients. We are continuously expanding our offer of auxiliary products.

Please check our career section regularly for exciting career opportunities.”

V-Core Managing Director
Dr. Heinz Guentensperger,
Managing Director
V-Core with its profound knowledge transforms raw Vermiculite into a range of finished products of highest quality standards.

High Performance Products For Multiple Industries

V- Core is recognized as the African leader in Vermiculite products.

V-Core  is building relationships that last, serving an impressive list of long-term clients with expertise in multiple industries.

  • Quality Control System
  • Continous Improvement
  • Highly Professional Staff
  • Fire Testing for Customers
  • Standards & Workmanship
  • Staff Development & Training
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Tailored Customer Solutions

Vermiculite Fire Board Manufacturer in Africa

V-Core Exfoliated Vermiculite
Raw Vermiculite before exfoliated


What is Vermiculite?

The name Vermiculite stems from the Latin word vermiculus “little worm” which reflects its characteristic to expand from an ultra-lightweight aggregate to a worm-like shape when heated.

The color of raw Vermiculite is light to dark and brownish to green. When exfoliated under heat, the color changes to an appealing lustrous gold/golden brown with a silver or bronze tint.

Chemically, Vermiculite is a hydrated magnesium aluminum silicate and exfoliates (expands) up to 20 times its original size when heated to and beyond 1000 degrees Celsius.

Exfoliated Vermiculite is non-combustible, compressible, highly absorbent, and nonreactive and it also possesses high cation exchange capacity.

Vermiculite has a high melting point of 1330 degrees Celsius, is non-conductive, reflects light and stores moisture, and does not stratify when being frozen.

Well, Vermiculite’s crystal structure and chemical characteristics make it ideal for fire protection, insulation, and many more applications, e.g. as a growing medium in horticulture/agriculture. Contrary to asbestos it is non-carcinogenic, absolutely safe, and 100% environmentally friendly!

Putting V-Core on the African Business Map!

Our mission is to further grow V-Core as the undisputed African Vermiculite leader and make a significant difference to our staff and society.

With our fire protection products, we protect lives! With our Exfoliates we enhance Agriculture and Packaging Solutions!

Our core value is integrity in everything we do. For our customers, we are a trustworthy partner and we continuously strive to meet all our promises.

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