V-Board F
The tailored range for fireplaces and boilers.

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V-Core offers its long lasting, environmentally friendly, non-combustible, high quality boards

V-Board F is the special heat protection board for Fire Place / Boiler Manufacturers and Wholesalers.
Fire Place and Boiler Manufactures, Wholesalers, Installers

The V-Board F range easily deals with service temperatures of up to 1100 degrees Celsius.

It is specifically formulated to withstand harsh heat conditions over long operating hours. The V-Board F range easily deals with service temperatures of up to 1100 degree Celsius. It effectively reflects the heat and reduces the consumption of fire wood.
The boards are also suitable as a decorative element to protect the wall behind a free standing fire-place.
We also have good news for Installers of in-built fire places who wish to insulate and protect walls from cracking. V-Core highly recommends for this application the use of our B product range.
B products are 100% functional from an insulation perspective but have not passed V-Core’s stringent quality assurance for boards that need to be visually top and are used as inner linings. The V-Board FB range is supplied at a substantial discount.

Key variants of the V-Board F product family.

The variants depicted in bold are fast movers and usually available in stock.
Product FamilyDensity +/- kg/m3Size in mmThicknessStock Item+/- Weight
V-Board FH 600/206001020x800mm20mmYes10.5
V-Board FHP 600/256001020x800mm25mmYes12.0
V-Board FSP 750/257501000x610mm25mmYes12.0
V-Board FHP 600/306001020x800mm30mmYes15.5

Rectangular Sizes

We also offer cutting to special rectangular sizes at a fee.

For required operating temperatures higher than 1000 °C, bespoke products can be made available on request. Minimum order quantities also apply for special densities.

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