V-Core Products

Seedlings growing in V-Lite Exfoliated Vermiculite
Packaging, Horticulture, Agriculture, Construction, Animal Feed
V-Board F for Fireplaces
V-Board F  Fire Place Manufactures and Wholesalers, Installers.

V-Board F range easily deals with service temperatures of up to 1100 degrees Celsius. 


V-Board Product Image
V-Board Fireproofing and Insulating Customer Specific Applications.

Fire Doors, Pre-Fabricated Housing, Refractory Industry, Industrial and Mining Ducting


V-Braai Re-Usable and Environmentally Friendly Fire Lighter
V-Brick Back-up Insulation for the Refractory Industry.
Vermicucote for Architects, Homeowners & Designers

A highly attractive, Vermiculite based decorative coating for internal walls.

V-Bond The ideal adhesive for Vermiculite boards.

The ideal adhesive for Vermiculite boards, and new products coming soon. 

V-Paint Fire-Retardant Paint/ Intumescent Paint.

Fire Door Manufacturers, Fireplace Installers, Construction.

Exfoliated Vermiculite is the key base ingredient for manufacturing our V-Core product range and we pay utmost attention to stringent quality procedures.

We offer world-class quality products.