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Vermiculite has a wide range of uses that take advantage of its excellent fire resistance, good thermal and acoustic insulating properties, high liquid absorption and cation exchange capacity, inertness and low density.

Applications for Vermiculite are based on the exfoliated (heat expanded) form of the mineral.
In general, coarser grades of Vermiculite are used as loose fill for packaging and in horticulture / agriculture.
Finer grades are used in fire protection boards and bricks, paints and plasters.



Cores for Fire Doors
Bricks for Fireplaces and Refractory Insulation
Substrate Mix / Capping in Horticulture / Agriculture
Breeding Substrate for Animals
Security Packing for Chemicals
Fire Protection of Air Ducts
Loose Fill Insulation
Lightweight Concrete and (decorative) Screeds
Building Plasters and Paints
Friction Linings
Special Coatings
Swimming Pool Lines
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