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Natural and Insulating

Any colour of your choice
Architects, Home Owners, Designers

Decorative natural wall coating.

Vermicucote is a highly attractive, Vermiculite based decorative coating for internal walls.
Vermicucote is 100% environmentally friendly, has a natural and warm feel, is easy to apply and comes in the colour of your choice.
The application system has been professionally developed in collaboration with a reputed South African paint company.


VERMICUCOTE Benefits | Ten reasons to buy:
1. Vermiculite is a natural mineral.
2. Vermiculite is 100% environmentally friendly.
3. Vermiculite is insulating and fireproof.
4. The wall will have a natural and highly attractive look and feel.
5. Specially developed Vermiculite by V-Core to optimize the result.
6. Customizable wall colour.
7. Easy to apply.
8. Specially formulated 4x component system.
9. System professionally developed by a reputed paint specialist.
10.Proudly South African.
Vermicucoute wall
Vermicucote Product Details
Architects, Home Owners, Designers

Application Instructions

Coarse aggregate primer comes tinted to a similar colour to Vermiculite.
Apply 1x coat of coarse aggregate primer with a roller.
Spread of primer per coat is 4m2 per litre – let it dry overnight.
Mix the Binder with the Vermiculite on site.
5l of binder is added to 15l of Vermiculite.
Stir the Vermicucote Mix.
Apply by trowel to the dry primer surface – spread of Vermicucote mix is 3m2.
Allow to dry 3 to 5 days subject to ambient temperature.
Apply 2x coats of the
Hydroglace in the desired colour.
 The spread per litre Hydroglace is 8m2 per coat
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Safety First

Health and Safety Precautions Wear plastic or rubber gloves.  If contact with skin or eyes, rinse with plenty of water
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