V-Core is pleased to announce the availability of the specialized V-Board F range for Fire Place and Boiler Manufacturers and Wholesalers.

It is specifically formulated to withstand harsh heat conditions over long operating hours. The V-Board F range easily deals with service temperatures of up to 1100 degrees Celsius. The V-Board F range is available as follows:

V-Board FH 600/20 (1020x800x20mm) – density 600 kg/m3

V-Board FH 600/25 (1020x800x25mm) – desnity 600 kg/m3

V-Board FSP 700/25 (1000x610x25mm) – density 700 kg/m3

We also have good news for installers of in-built fireplaces who wish to insulate and protect walls from cracking. V-Core highly recommends for this application the use of our B product range.

B products are 100% functional from an insulation perspective but have not passed V-Core’s stringent quality assurance for boards that need to be visually top and are used as inner linings. The V-Board FB range is supplied at a substantial discount.

Visit our V-Board F range: