We are a reliable local business partner and continuously strive to deliver service excellence.

Fire Protection & Insulation

V-Core’s Vermiculite boards and bricks are the core for a wide range of fire protection and insulation solutions. Manufacturers of fire doors, fire places and boilers, industrial customers who seek to insulate any heat source in their production environment, the refractory industry looking for an effective back-up insulation and many more will find in V-Core a reliable local supplier paying utmost attention to service delivery and product quality. We deliver what we promise.

For more infor on our V-Board and V-Brick product range, please consult our Products page.

Pre-Fabricated Housing

The attention to and the enforcement of regulations for fireproof pre-fabricated housing structures is growing fast. Too many lifes are still being lost! Our product family is an ideal component for advanced building material solutions designed to prevent fires from spreading from house to house. V-Core is the ideal partner in Africa for pre-fabricated housing manufacturers like residential housing, school buildings and community facilities.

Auxiliary Products

Coherent fire protection and insulation systems require all components to play its integral part. The choice of an unsuitable glue for example can risk the integrity / stability of the entire product. We offer a wide range of fire-proofing auxiliary products and provide a one-stop shop for your business. We have also launched a decorative coating system for internal walls. Please check out our new products page.

Exfoliated Vermiculite

Exfoliated Vermiculite is the key base ingredient for manufacturing our V-Board range and we pay utmost attention to our stringent quality procedures. Our V-Lite product family is ideally suited for example as an effective growing medium for plant and seedling producers, water saving mix to substrates sold in nurseries, as an effective and lightweight absorbent for the packaging industry and lightweight additive to concrete mixes and paints.