For our customers, we are a reliable business partner and continuously strive to meet all our promises.

Fire Protection & Insulation

V-Core’s Vermiculite based boards and loose fill are the core to a wide range of fire protection and insulation solutions. Fire door manufacturers, applicators in the Marine industry, suppliers of pipe lagging for the Petrochemical industry, customers in the Construction, cold room and Refractory industry and many more will find in V-Core a reliable supplier, producing to highest quality standards and fine tolerances.

The V-Core product family offers fit for purpose Vermiculite boards for fire door manufatures. The V-Board products suit a wide range of fire protection and insulation applications. Please consult our Products page for more info.

Low Cost Housing Solutions

Every life lost through fires in low cost housing / informal settlements is one too many! Building solutions based on our V-Board product family will prevent fires from spreading from house to house. We are the right partner for RDP and Gap housing providers as well suppliers of school buildings and community facilities in South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

Vermiculite Bricks

Our insulating bricks are equally suitable for hot-face applications and back-up insulation of refractory constructions. Both V-Brick grades are characterized by an excellent performance of thermal efficiency and energy conservation and are used for lining in all types of industrial kilns and furnaces, incinerators and combustion plants.

Exfoliated Vermiculite  / Wet Mix

As part of our unique board manufacturing process, we exfoliate Vermiculite and produce a wet mix. Our V-Lite product family is of highest quality standards and ideally suited as loose fill insulator in construction, a growing medium for nurseries, commercial seedling propagation and soil conditioning, as bulk filler for animal feed and lightweight additive to concrete mixes and paints. V-Mix is the perfect answer to all your hollowfill needs. It is a free flowing ready made pre-mix for quick “pour-in” applications.