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Oil Rig V-Pipe
Our V-Pipe products are precision grooved insulating piping sections available in various outside pipe diameters. Besides the high fire rating classification (A/A1 and 1, ISO 1182) and excellent insulation characteristics of its lateral dissipation of heat, V-Pipe ensures even temperatures of product being pumped.

V-Pipe is uniquely designed and allows pipe sections to be stored flat prior to installation, as well as facilitating damage free post installation pipe inspection.

Installation is by method of wrapping the scrim backed flat section around the pipe and temporary positioning by the provided adhesive tabs. Thereafter the V-Pipe section is fixed by clamp straps or as the method the industry application requires.

V-Pipe is environmentally friendly and its inherent qualities of stability in all weather conditions offers long term service.

V-Pipe is available in outside pipe diameters of 25mm to 600mm and in thicknesses of 25mm to 50mm. Each section is 610mm in length.

V-Pipe Product Family Type Dimensions Minimum Order *
V-Pipe 25 Fitment ID Diameter: 25mm on application
V-Pipe 29 Fitment ID Diameter: 29mm on application
V-Pipe 30 Fitment ID Diameter: 30mm on application
V-Pipe 75 Fitment ID Diameter: 75mm on application
V-Pipe 100 Fitment ID Diameter: 100mm on application
V-Pipe 200 Fitment ID Diameter: 200mm on application
V-Pipe 300 Fitment ID Diameter: 300mm on application
V-Pipe 400 Fitment ID Diameter: 400mm on application
V-Pipe 500 Fitment ID Diameter: 500mm on application
V-Pipe 600 Fitment ID Diameter: 600mm on application

* Minimum order quantities apply for pick-ups at our factory. All products made upon contractual agreement.

Please consult our V-Pipe data sheet for all specifications and do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance: