Marine and Shipping Industry

Product Overview

The V-Marine product family consists of fire rated ceiling and wall panels for use in ships and oil and gas rigs, manufactured to especially fine tolerances to meet the demanding requirements in the Marine industry.

The V-Marine product family consists of vermiculite boards in 2 sizes, 3 densities and 5 thicknesses:

V-Marine Product Family Density +/- kg/m3 Size in mm Thickness Temperature °C Stock Item Minimum Order
L 500 500 2440x1220mm 20-38mm 1000 No 240
L 600 600 2440x1220mm 25-38mm 1000 No 240
XL 500 500 2500x1250mm 20-38mm 1000 No 240
XL 600 600 2500x1250mm 15-38mm 1000 No 240

* Special sizes on request – minimum order quantities apply.

Please consult our V-Marine data sheet for all specifications and do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance: