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V-Lite is our uniquely exfoliated vermiculite and is for sale in 100 litre bags.It has a fascinating wide range of environmentally friendly uses and benefits:

As a loose fill insulator with the best in class thermal conductivity ratings, V-Lite will save energy and keep your house at stable temperature and good acoustic performance throughout the year. It comes in light-weight bags, is quick easy to apply, does not require special safety equipment nor cutting.

V-Lite does not degrade, it is completely inert, inhibits fungal or bacterial growth, absorbs and effectively releases moisture, does not attract rodents and above all is not only fire retardant but fire proof!

In horticulture and viticulture, V-Lite improves soil aeration while retaining moisture and nutrients to continuously feed roots, cuttings and seeds for faster, maximum growth. It is sterile and shows very good anion and cation exchange properties. V-Lite is an excellent by mix to composts and a very effective toppling for your seedlings!

In construction, V-Lite is further used as a lightweight concrete, spray-on insulation and as hollow brick filler.

V-Lite is ideal in animal feed as a support and carrying medium for a range of nutrients such as fat concentrates, vitamin preparations and molasses because it is free flowing, soft, sterile and absorbent. It can act as a slow release agent for the active ingredients carried and will also provide extra roughage.

V-Lite is available in 5 grades:

V-Lite Product Family Exfoliated Vermiculite Packaging Minimum Order
V-Lite Large Large grade 100lt bag 10
V-Lite Medium Medium grade 100lt bag 10
V-Lite Fine Fine grade 100lt bag 10
V-Lite Superfine Superfine grade 100lt bag 10
V-Lite Micron Micron grade 100lt bag 100

All products except V.Lite Micron are held in stock and can be picked-up at our factory.  The lead-time for orders bigger than 25 bags is 5 working days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.