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About Us

V-Core (Pty) Ltd started to build its manufacturing plant in Blackheath Industria in Cape Town in May 2013. 15 months later we received our first order and have grown since into a sizeable business. We currently employ 15 staff.

Vermiculite is a gift of mother nature! It meets all all criteria desirable in a green product, having a very low carbon foot print, both in mining of the mineral and the manufacture of the finished product, being chemically inert, recyclable and not having any negative impact on the environment when disposed of and can even be used in soil rehabilitation. Vermiculite has excellent absorption properties, is water saving, nurtures and protects plants and seedlings and is non-combustible.

V-Core with its profound knowledge transforms raw Vermiculite into a range of finished products of highest quality standards. We meet the strategic objective to value-add at sourc in South Africa.


  • We can rely on high-quality and long lasting Vermiculite supply sources in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda.
  • We have gained in-depth knowledge and technical know-how to process Vermiculite.
  • We apply stringent quality procedures to meet our product specifications.
  • We are still the only Vermiculite board manufacturer in South Africa and on the African continent.
  • We offer affordable prices to South African/African customers and less dependence on exchange rates.
  • We are a trustworthy alternative for our export customers, the Cape Town Harbour is in vicinity.
  • We use our R&D capacity to expand our speciality products range and offer our customers a one-stop shop.
  • We are a dedicated and energised team to deliver on our mission.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to establish and sustain V-Core into a successful South African business and make a significant…
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V-Core is led by an experienced Management Team each with a proficient track-record. We strongly believe in…
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Based on our unique IP and manufacturing process, V-Core offers a comprehensive range of world-class products…
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