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About Us

V-Core (Pty) Ltd was founded in December 2012 by a group of distinguished local and international investors and entrepreneurs. The South African start-up is located in Cape Town and manufactures and markets Vermiculite based fire-protection and insulation boards and associated products for the local and international market.

South Africa is the leading producer of the highest quality Vermiculite (supplying 35% of world demand), a mineral ideally suited for the manufacture of fire proof and insulation boards of the highest standard. V-Core locally transforms raw minerals into finished products meeting the strategic objective to “value-add at source” of the South African government.

V-Core’s Vermiculite products meet all criteria desirable in a green product, having a very low carbon foot print, both in mining of the mineral and the manufacture of the finished product, being chemically inert, recyclable and not having any negative impact on the environment when disposed of and can even be used in soil rehabilitation.


  • The only vermiculite board manufacturer in South Africa and on the African continent.
  • Vermiculite boards made from South African mined mineral that is the finest in the world.
  • In-line with government policy to ‘value-add-at-source’.
  • Existing Intellectual Property, technical know-how and certifications.
  • Proven production method and know-how leading to highest quality and consistent product specifications.
  • V-Core’s products will carry both local and international accreditation.
  • Local production offers affordable prices to South African/African customers and attractive prices to export customers.
  • Flexibility, continued product availability and rapid response time to South African/African customers.
  • R&D capacity to develop and produce tailor-made products for our customers
  • Only product available in South Africa with A/A1 & 1 fire-rating for the building industry.
  • Environmentally-friendly and recyclable products with low-carbon footprint in manufacture.
  • Dedicated team with years of technological and managerial experience

The company

Our Mission

V-Core’s core business is to protect lives! Our products offer a pivotal, cost-effective and environmentally…
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Our Team

V-Core is led by a group of experienced local and international business men, each with their own…
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Our Products

Based on our unique IP and manufacturing process, V-Core offers a comprehensive range of world-class products…
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If you would like to enquire about V-Core, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will gladly assist you…
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